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Our mission is to help build a healthier and stronger community through positive relationships, education, programs, and support services.

We envision an inclusive, thriving, and connected community, one in which all members experience enriched and empowered lives.

The Community Resource Center believes...

  1. Respect: Our work is centered on compassion and collaboration, with an emphasis on meeting people where they are by recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

  2. Belonging: We are rooted in the belief that all people are welcomed, valued, and empowered to contribute to, and participate in Community.

  3. Resiliency: We believe that innovation and education are key to ensuring the ability to overcome barriers, meet basic needs, and create a strong foundation for success.

  4. Community: We are committed to strengthening individuals and families and advancing the spirit of connection.

  5. Partnership: Through open collaboration, we learn and develop solutions that are reflective of the community and its individuals.

The Community Resources Foundation Operates on Basic Family Support Principles:

  1. Staff and families work together in relationships based on equality and respect.

  2. Staff enhance families’ capacity to support the growth and development of all family members – adults, youth, and children.

  3. Families are resources to their own members, to other families, to programs, and to communities.

  4. Programs affirm and strengthen families’ cultural, racial, and linguistic identities and enhance their ability to function in a multicultural society.

  5. Programs are embedded in their communities and contribute to the community-building process.

  6. Programs advocate with families for services and systems that are fair, responsive, and accountable to the families served.

  7. Practitioners work with families to mobilize formal and informal resources to support family development.

  8. Programs are flexible and continually responsive to emerging family and community issues.

  9. Principles of family support are modeled in all program activities, including planning, governance, and administration.


The Community Resource Center is officially a designated Snohomish County CARE trauma informed organization.   We proudly share and commit to  standing for Compassion, Appreciation, Resilience, and Empowerment for all.

What does this mean for our CRC families and staff? The goal of implementing and embedding trauma-informed practices, a best practice and universal intervention, is to increase a sense of belonging and meaningful relationships for all. We strive for every interaction, procedure, and policy to provide an opportunity to build an equitable pathway towards resiliency and restoration.


"This place holds the sweetest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone is so kind and inviting and so very helpful. I needed some Covid tests, after 2 1/2 years of dodging Covid my husband got it and with 6 people in the house we need quite a few tests to figure out who had it and who didn’t. They were able to help provide me with enough tests to test everyone and to test when we were no longer contagious so we could keep our family safe and the community safe. They also provided us with a package of masks and a get well card and a little treat for my kids. They really helped a difficult situation seem a lot easier with their acts of kindness."


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