Anti-Poverty Programs & Services

Programs designed to relieve the effects of and address the root causes of poverty.

Emergency Funds

Financial help for individuals and families in need of assistance to prevent discontinuation of necessary services, eviction, and other basic needs.  These funds are limited and an appointment must be scheduled with our Resource Coordinator. Some documentation will be required.

  • Housing – Financial assistance available to alleviate and avoid homelessness in the form of hotel vouchers, state park vouchers, rent and/or mortgage assistance. Limited resources are also available for move-in costs (first month & deposits).
  • Utility – Financial assistance for essential utilities like water and heat. Assistance is provided in the form of vouchers and/or cash assistance.
  • Vehicle/Fuel Assistance – Fuel vouchers are available to help individuals get to needed appointments like medical, court and social service appointments, work and school.  Limited resources are available to make necessary vehicle repairs.
  • Other Basic Needs Assistance – Food vouchers are available for extreme circumstances when the local food banks are unavailable.  Assistance can also be provided for other needs not otherwise being addressed: required supplies for school or employment, clothing, prescriptions, etc.

Mobile Dental Clinic

No-cost dental services for low income adults. Space is limited and not all dental needs can be accommodated. Call to be added to the wait list for an appointment. Follow us on Facebook or check out our Events page for updates.

Glasses and Hearing Aids

Free or low-cost glasses and hearing aids thanks to a partnership with our local Lions Club.

Resource Referrals & Case Management

Provides individuals and families of all abilities with information about local, state and federal programs and resources they may be eligible for. Staff can assist with paperwork and applications required for needed programs and resources. More intensive support is available in the form of case management. Work with a trained and experienced staff person on goal setting geared towards stability and self-sufficiency.

Please download our local community resource brochure for a list of other services in our area.

HomeShare Affordable Housing

Homesharing is a simple idea where two or more people share a home to their mutual benefit.

Mobility Mentoring

Mobility Mentoring is the practice of mentors partnering with parents to that over time the parents gain the resources, skills and behavior changes that lead to financial independence.

Through this program, parents will:

  • Create a Career or Training Plan
  • Improve their Financial Stability
  • Learn about Children’s Growth and Development
  • Increase Personal and Professional Networks
  • Improve Health and Well Being

Mobility Mentoring is a partnership with:

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